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She performed under her first name only Mpms this scene. Another of her early works was Mooms "Naturally Stacked 1" from Pulse Pictures which was directed by Brian Xin. Again she performs as Gianna and appears in scene two along with costars Christian XXX and Joel Lawrence for a threesome. She's teasing and playing Plcs her tits before getting topless and squeezing her nipples. After using a dildo in Moms Skirt Pics at Moms Oclock pussy and fucking it with her tits, the guys join with each one taking a tit in Moms Skirt Pics at Moms Oclock mouth.

She gets fucked while sucking the other guys cock and Oclofk tit fucked by them both before it's all over too. Taking a dual facial cumshot brings the scene to an end and this is much more what porn fans love to see from Gianna ever since.

Gianna Michaels initially took a stand against performing anal sex, but that came to an end in the Korean Star Movies - Links Hit Tube.

Daily Free Porn Videos! of "Big Wet Asses 15" in 2009. She appears as the only photograph on the DVD box cover along with the text "Giannas First Anal" and the very first scene contains the milestone performance. Gianna Michaels is still active in the porn industry today and performing.

Her movie credits are up to more than 430 with many more on the way. It s definitely not for a beginner.

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